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November 27 2013
The annual Christmas release from Light Organ Records is here in the shape of the glorious 'Sleighed - EP'. Look out for brand new tracks from Fake Shark Real Zombie, Frederick, Mounties, JPNSGRLS & The Fugitives. Happy Holidays! (more…)
September 12 2013
The Fugitives are proud to announce the imminent arrival of their new album 'Everything Will Happen' via Light Organ Records on October 22nd. To mark the occasion they've dropped a video for album track 'My My', premiering today over on ARTISTDirect. The band will be heading out on tour across Canada from mid October in support of the record and they'll be joined by label mates White Ash Falls for some of those very special shows stay tuned for a full announcement of those dates very soon. So onto the new record:   THE FUGITIVES flew to Toronto on the last day of 2012 to record their brand new full-length from Light Organ Records, “Everything Will Happen”. They decided to go big and order an airport limo. Unfortunately, being folk musicians, they did it from some budget website a few levels below Groupon. The result was a white panel van (note: not a limo), that showed up an hour late, told them to come out to the pick-up zone and act like they were the driver’s family (?), and ended up costing more than a cab. So much for the high life. But at least they had a story.   This is the quick ethos behind “Everything Will Happen” an album that argues some addictions are worth lobbying for (Wilderness Years) and the future is the only place where people repent (Bigger than Luck). Which isn’t to say life is frivolous. The album tackles ill health (Windows, My My), the end of friendships and relationships (Old Mistakes, Ring), and some lesser disappointments, armed with bright banjos, anthemic singalongs, and uplifting arrangements. The album's darkest contextual piece (Dinner with Clara Haber), about the suicide of the wife of Fritz Haber - a German chemist who discovered a process responsible for feeding half the world but who also fathered chemical warfare - is its most triumphant tonally. In this interpretation, her death is treated as an angry defiance against a dangerous social norm. Because, as the title (ish) track suggests, the world will be what it will be, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it, like it, or be unmoved by it, and we can always go down swinging.   Recorded with Toronto producer John Critchley (Dan Mangan, Elliot BROOD, Amelia Curran), the album is the follow-up to this summer’s EP, Bigger than Luck, which rode the top ten on the national earshot! folk charts for eight straight weeks, and features a back-up cast that includes long-term collaborators along with all-star recruits Jaron Freeman-Fox on fiddle, Brandy Zdan on vocals, and Chris Quinn on banjo. It will be supported by dates across Canada in the fall, and a European tour in the spring of 2014.   ABOUT THE SONGS   LOVE AFFAIRS One of two tracks that features Chris Quinn on banjo, a bluegrass guru who can be found at the Silver Dollar every Wednesday, making everyone’s jaw drop for five dollars. One benefit of recording in Toronto was being able to finish recording at midnight and still being able to catch his two last sets. In Vancouver, unfortunately, we don’t have such liberal drinking laws.   WILDERNESS YEARS It almost seems like the older you get the more shades of grey there can be to romantic relationships- like the days of Romeo and Juliet style, Universe-sized-love that your parents will never understand come to an end and the adult version of romance is a lot less straightforward. But not necessarily less fun.   BIGGER THAN LUCK It's hard to write a feel-good song, but the carpe diem thing gets more important the older and crankier we get. We're always trying to remind ourselves to be grateful for being alive, and the next thing you know we're giving the finger to a red light. So this was an attempt to trick ourselves out of ingratitude. Maybe that's why we wrote it on balailka, which is tuned with 4 D's and makes everything sound like an evil mandolin. Our brains never saw it coming.   RING A response piece, of sorts, to Amelia Curran’s fantastic The Mistress. In this case, from the perspective of a male in an affair with an older, married woman. The violin work is the combination of Jaron Freeman-Fox and Sahra Featherstone.   DINNER WITH CLARA HABER Fritz Haber developed both a process of synthesizing ammonia and poisonous gases. So he’s both responsible for feeding half the world, and is also known as the father of chemical warfare. His wife took her own life after a dinner party, at which they argued about his growing role in the weaponization of Science. This song is set at that party.
June 4 2013
Though you'd never know to listen to it, Bigger than Luck, The Fugitives new EP from Light Organ Records, is inspired by astronauts. At least, that's what got songwriters Adrian Glynn and Brendan McLeod going, after they took a weekend off recording with Toronto producer John Critchley (Dan Mangan, Elliot BROOD, Amelia Curran) to go see an exhibit of rare photos from the first two moon landings at New York's Natural History Museum. Awestruck by the photos, the pair were perhaps more amazed that no one else in the museum seemed to care about them - not even the curators, who'd hung them in a far corner, on bare walls, with limited signage. "The two of us started talking about the sixties," says McLeod. "How they'd just invented the colour tv and cassettes. Meanwhile, here are these photos of our planet shot from outer space. It's a total miracle. We felt like Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber, coming across that framed newspaper of the moon landing on a bar wall, running out to tell everyone: "We landed on the moon!"" A precursor to a full-length due this fall, Bigger than Luck is by no means a concept record, but one theme running through the tracks is the habit of treating miracles as though they were banal. Whether it be a night (Bigger than Luck), a relationship (Old Mistakes), a song (Slowly Undone), or a lifetime (The City), the songs hone in on the importance of each of these lived experiences - and the impossibility of actually keeping this realization at the forefront of our minds. Mastered by Greg Calbi (Of Monsters and Men, She & Him), and featuring guest vocals by Brandy Zdan and a host of Toronto's finest musicians - from bluegrass guru Chris Quinn to celtic fiddler Sahra Featherstone - Bigger than Luck marries the driving banjo and top notch harmonies of past Fugitive releases with celebratory gang vocals and sombre piano tones. "It tackles a lot of contradictory emotions," says Glynn. "Excitement, nostalgia, forgiveness, despair. But that's cool. It's not like the world needs another break-up album."