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August 29 2011
For Immediate Release Monday, August 29 2011.

Adaline set to unleash sensational second album Modern Romantics this fall. "Wasted Time" MP3 available for download now.

Vancouver -- Light Organ Records is delighted to release details of the return of Adaline. Modern Romantics will be available on November 1, 2011 and was produced by Hawksley Workman with additional production from Marten Tromm, and Tino Zolfo.  Get a sneak-peek by downloading an MP3 for "Wasted Time" here.

Modern Romantics is invested with the depth and imagination you only ever get from high-end, ultra-talented music nerds, whether it’s in the meticulously layered percussion and noise – timpani included - of the Metric-gone-industrial “Wasted Time”, or the tonal shifts that bring such deliberate force to Adaline’s cathedral-sized ballad, “Say Goodbye (I Won’t Even)”.  Adaline achieves near Judy Garland levels of melodrama on “That’s What You Do Best”, the stately electro-torch song that opens Modern Romantics. But she doesn’t get there without boxing your ears with wiggy sax (from Shuffle Demon Richard Underhill) and unhinged guitar solos (by Workman) on the way, the latter sounding like it was recorded in a reinforced missile silo. There’s a lot of tastefully rendered sonic action on the way to that quivering, love-burnt climax.

“I wanted to take a very European approach to the record,” she says, adding that she and her busiest partner, Hawksley Workman – who played on and produced nine of its twelve tracks – were throwing names like Portishead, Bat for Lashes, La Roux, Beck, and Goldfrapp around when they entered Toronto’s Canterbury Studio for four weeks. “Groove artists,” she calls them. “I wanted it to sound world class.  A lot of people seem to be doing these very chill, laid back, organic records, and I kinda wanted to be a little more aggressive in terms of the sounds and production.”

Adaline Modern Romantics tracklisting:

That's What You Do Best The Noise Keep Me High Wasted Time (MP3) Rebels Of Love Say Goodbye (I Won't Even) Cost Is Too High (Not To Love) Sparks Lovers Collide Silent Player Stereo Heartache


www.adalinemusic.com For more information or to arrange an interview please contact: Canada: Darryl Weeks darryl@stagefrightpublicity.com 705.728.7077

April 6 2011
Hey folks, Adrian Glynn and Adaline have been touring the east for the past few days (and they still have a few more shows, check the tour dates to see if they are playing near you). They dropped us a quick line about what they have been up to, and we wanted to share it with you. Adrian Glynn & Adaline in the East- Pt. 1 We rolled back into Toronto late last night, left a cheeky snow-storm behind in Peterborough. Now we begin our little Toronto homestand, playing here 4 times in 5 days.    I was supposed to fly into Montreal from Calgary to start our wee tour but a snowstorm had me re-routed to Toronto. i think this is because God wanted me to talk about sex with Adaline for 4 hours. We drove TO to Montreal the next day and spent a long time on the subject including the woes of reproduction as a musician. We've come to an exciting decision! Adaline will freeze her Cadbury's and i my sardines and when we are geriatric we will create the Adaglynn lovechild for all to behold! We will be holding a competition soon for the chance for one of YOUR grandchildren to parent this frozen pop phenom. More details to come.    As you can see, we have had too much time on our hands. But such is the way with touring anywhere in Canada. Time and space. And time. And space. Then some gas and a bathroom break. Then time. Etc. What about the shows? Well, we've only played thrice so far. Montreal was a cosy little show in Le Cagibi with the wonderful Brie Neilson- so classy, such great tunes. We each played a set then stayed up till 4 waiting for the pizza to arrive. The next night we played a few songs at Brie's "Chix Pickin" night at Grumpy's bar. Gurn from the United Steel Workers of Montreal was working the bar and bought me beers while Adaline did all the work onstage- I'm not a chick so I can't play Chix Pickin night. Sexist.   And last night we played for a quiet Tuesday audience in Peterborough- singing on each other's songs for the first time in a couple years. Took us back to the Prettiest Face in Town days. We were followed by an incredible fusion band of complex percussion and horns called Drumhand. Adaline prides herself on the fact that she got up to dance but really she just swayed drunkenly in the corner. But Drumhand was amazing- check them out live in Toronto sometime if you can (that's where they're based).   Onward and upward, my friends. Toronto-ho! And get in your applications for the Parent the Future Adaglynn contest! It will close soon.  A bientot. Glynn
December 20 2010
Exclusive Q&A with Adaline. Follow the link here