“To me, the most impressive songwriter is one who is able to communicate a life story within 3 minutes.” A bold, but very accurate statement made by Courtney Ewan, who co-fronts the Vancouver-based indie folk band, Twin River, alongside Andy Bishop. Veterans of the local music community in Vancouver, the pair moonlight in solo and other projects, such as Red Cedar, Yukon Blonde, Slim Fathers and White Ash Falls. Though Twin River originated as a duo, it’s now a full band, rounded out by the likes of Rebecca Gray (Chains of Love), Malcolm Jack (Sun Wizard and Capitol 6), and Dustin Bromley (Pleasure Cruise, Keep Tidy).

Instantly, a listener will notice their penchant for juxtaposing haunting, expressive music with pretty, even up-beat melody. Bishop’s ability to seamlessly combine the heavy riff into simple folk structures is his signature. The smooth and innocent vocal delivery plays well against the more ominous musical backdrop. This sound will no doubt become their trademark as they make their initial impressions in Vancouver and across Canada.

Their new 4-song EP, Rough Gold, recorded with Malcolm Jack from Sun Wizard, captures this unique brand of folk quite beautifully. At its heart, the music they make is humble, honest, and organic, as evidenced by the support they have already received from their local music community. Having already opened for artists like Daniel, Fred & Julie amongst others, it will not be long before Twin River’s name becomes a staple of the Vancouver independent music scene.