Nor should there be. You don’t need to abide by any rules when you’re sitting on a roster brimming with more talent than a dinner party at Johnny Carson’s. From the dreamy chords of Louise Burns, to the electrifying musical instincts of  The Zolas, or the warm songs of The Shilohs, Light Organ (although comparatively and admittedly fresh) hasn’t missed yet and doesn’t look like it’s about to.

The label is appropriately youthful, from the staff to the artists, because that’s who records have traditionally belonged to, and since 2010 Light Organ has stayed true to its original ideals of signing and presenting the best in raw, west coast pop. Beginning with its flagship release of the Our First Christmas compilation, the label has worked with the growing roster of artists to create a watermark for burgeoning success, and this upcoming year with new releases expected from The Zolas, Fine Times, The Matinée, and others, Light Organ Records appears set to find an even higher water level.